Session 3

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Activity 1


Today's Headlines:

British MPs to investigate 'fake news'

More babies than expected affected by Zika virus

Unusual job vacancy in Austria

ቨዲዮውን ተመልክተው ክንውኑን ይፈፅሙ

ፅሁፍ አሳይ ፅሁፍ ደብቅ

Fake news rose to prominence during the American presidential election, when outrageous stories about endorsements of Donald Trump went viral on social media. Some of these stories were read by millions but none were true. Now MPs will investigate how to disrupt the economics of fake news and what tools users of social media need to separate reality from lies.


A year after Zika was declared a global emergency, doctors believe the number of babies affected could be much higher. I'm with baby Mirella Vitoria, she's 15 months old and she is one of those cases doctors are studying right now. She wasn't born with microcephaly but later on she showed signs that she too was affected by the Zika virus in her mother's womb. Doctor Ricardo Ximenez is one of the scientists looking into this. They call it congenital Zika syndrome. Even if these babies are born with the normal-sized head, they can have poor vision, hearing loss and other disabilities later in their lives. Research shows that for every baby with microcephaly, ten others might develop these problems.


This is a town near Salzburg in Austria. For more than 350 years there's always been a hermit in this house. The last one retired in the autumn and now the search is on to find a successor. The role is to take care of the place and receive pilgrims and hikers. Could it be you? There is no heating or running water. Don't expect a salary. But one thing is guaranteed: you'll have stunning views. 

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End of Session 3

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Session Vocabulary

  • outrageous
    shockingly bad

    looking into

    person who lives alone in a remote place