Session 4

What are your most precious possessions? In the last Session, we heard about two world-famous musicians who moved to the UK and composed some of their greatest music in London. At the museums which honour their life and work, fans can see some of these musical legends’ favourite objects. Now you can hear from us at BBC Learning English, talking about the things that are dear to us. Then we want to hear from you!

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Activity 1

Personal possessions

Things we treasure

Look at the pictures below of possessions which were chosen by three members of our team, Rob, Grace, and Mike. Do you know what the items are? Why do you think these things are important to the people who chose them?


The items which you can see in the pictures are: a key ring, a smartphone, and a miniature bow and arrow.

Why are these items important to our team members? Listen to the audio and find out!

Listen to the audio and try the activity

ፅሁፍ አሳይ ፅሁፍ ደብቅ

Something that is very useful and very valuable to me is my smartphone. I treasure it a lot because I saved up a lot of money to buy it. And it’s something which I can use as a mini computer, as a camera, as something to listen to my music on. I take it on holiday, for example, to take snaps. And it’s something which I think some of my friends are quite envious of really.

Well, I bought this miniature bow and arrow in the northeast of Brazil in the early 2000s. It’s from a place called Cabralia — it’s where the Portuguese first arrived when they came to colonise Brazil. The bow might be a bit like, who knows, those that the indigenous people used to fight the Portuguese when they arrived and maybe also for hunting. I bought it from a guy who was selling craft items for his tribe — and he was really nice.

This isn’t my most treasured possession, but it’s special to me because it reminds me of a time when I was teaching. It’s a small brown key ring given to me by one of my students. I was teaching people who at the time didn’t have very much money — so any gift they did give you was quite special.

To do

So, Rob, Grace, and Mike have told us about a smartphone, a miniature bow and arrow, and a key ring but can you remember what they said about each item? Try this quiz to find out!

All about Rob, Grace and Mike's possessions

10 Questions

Match the statements with the items. You can listen to the recording again if you need some help.

እንኳን ደስ ያለዎ ሙከራውን አጠናቀዋል
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What ‘prized possessions’ do you own? Continue to Activity 2, where you can tell us about them.

Session Vocabulary

  • snap
    (here) a snapshot, a photograph



    coming from a particular place