Session 4

Have you ever moved to another country for work? In this session we'll hear the stories of some people who did just that. You'll read an article and listen to a news report. Listen out for the present perfect with for and since.

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Activity 1

Stories of migration

How did you come to be here?

When people think about coming to the UK, whether for a short stay or to live here, they probably think of London. But the capital is not the only UK city that has welcomed migrants - people who have moved to live or work. Leicester, a city in an area of the country called the Midlands, has been the destination for a number of people moving to the UK. There's been an exhibition of photos showing different aspects of migration on display in the city. This is part of a project being run by the University of Leicester, and listeners of BBC Radio Leicester have also shared their experiences.

Here a short text for you to read. While you’re reading, try and spot all the times the present perfect with for and since is used. The answers are at the bottom of the page.

ፅሁፉን ያንብቡ

This image shows the city as it was in the 1970s and it is a place that has been a destination for people for many years. Since the 20th century, people have come to the area from places as far and wide as Jamaica and India. And of course they have come for different reasons and they have had different experiences during the time they have been here.

Earle Robinson first came to the UK in 1958 and since then he has lived in both London and Leicester. He came from Jamaica after reading about riots that were happening at the time in Notting Hill in London. He has lived here since then, but not everyone who comes to the UK does stay. Earle’s son has since relocated to Africa because it is a lot easier for people to move around these days.

Another person who has been in Leicester for over half a century is Dr Tara Mukherjee. He came to the city from India in 1948. When he moved to the Midlands, Dr Mukherjee played for Leicestershire Country Cricket Club. He scored a century in his first game, but he didn't find fame and fortune and now he has stopped playing. He says that the area “has changed beyond recognition” since he first arrived. From a place where there were not many non-white faces, Leicester has become a city with settled communities, not only from the Caribbean and India, but from many different places.

There is no doubt that the city has changed and grown since welcoming so many people. It has been changing for a long time, and will continue to change.

This text is based on an original BBC News story.


Here are the sentences that contain examples of the present perfect with for and since.

Paragraph one: is a place that has been a destination for people for many years.

Paragraph two:

...since then he has lived in both London and Leicester.

He has lived here since then...

Earle's son has since relocated to Africa.

Paragraph four:

...the city has changed since welcoming so many people.

It has been changing for a long time...


So you've heard a lot about people who have come to the UK, but of course migration doesn't only happen here. Listen to News Report in the next activity to find out about someone who moved from one Asian country to another for work.

Session Vocabulary

  • riots
    a noisy, violent, and uncontrolled public meeting

    to move to a new place

    half a century
    a period of 50 years

    score a century
    score 100 runs in cricket

    change beyond recognition
    when something changes so much that you cannot recognise it

    (here) living somewhere, especially permanently