Unit 7: Career changes
Past perfect tense

  • ተጠናቀቀ

    Session 1

    3 Activities

    Suffix practice

    15 Jun 2015

    What's the difference between smokeless and smoke-free? These are the two suffixes we're exploring in this session. Join us for 6 Minute Vocabulary and lots of practice activities

  • ተጠናቀቀ

    Session 2

    3 Activities

    Past perfect practice

    16 Jun 2015

    Time to learn a useful tense for telling stories – the past perfect tense. In fact, you could say it's perfect for stories! We've got two quizzes to test you, and then it's time for 6 Minute Grammar.

  • ተጠናቀቀ

    Session 3

    2 Activities

    English at Work

    17 Jun 2015

    How do you prepare someone for disappointment? There's some apologising to do at the offices of Tip Top Trading. Find out why and learn some useful phrases.

  • ተጠናቀቀ

    Session 4

    2 Activities

    Changing places

    18 Jun 2015

    These days people don't stay in the same job - or even the same career - all their lives. Is it time for a career change? Read our article and share your thoughts

  • ተጠናቀቀ

    Session 5

    1 Activity

    Drama: Jamaica Inn

    19 Jun 2015

    Mary discovers what Joss and his gang of bad men really get up to.