Unit 20: Telling stories
Narrative tenses

  • ተጠናቀቀ

    Session 1

    3 Activities

    Linking words

    14 Sep 2015

    First we'll look at linking words, then we'll have a quiz and after that we'll have a party! All those things and more in this session, except the party.

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    Session 2

    3 Activities

    Narrative verb forms

    15 Sep 2015

    When we tell stories, jokes and anecdotes we use particular verb forms. Most of these, but not all, are past forms. Learn more and discover how you can also use the present to talk about the past.

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    Session 3

    1 Activity

    Tall stories

    16 Sep 2015

    Narrative tenses are important when you're telling a story. Listen to Catherine, Neil and Rob from the Learning English team talking about some interesting experiences they've had. Not everyone is telling the truth! Try to work out who's telling porky pies (lies), then test your understanding.

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    Session 4

    2 Activities

    No way!

    17 Sep 2015

    Your friend tells you that he got on a bus one day - and Justin Bieber was the driver! What do you say? Learn expressions to use when you hear surprising information

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    Session 5

    1 Activity

    Drama: The Importance of Being Earnest

    18 Sep 2015

    Join us for the final episode of our drama, The Importance of Being Earnest. It's time to find out who the real Ernest is...