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Session 23

The Experiment is a collection of short series that are a little different to our usual programmes - but still help you improve your English.

Do you wish you could talk confidently about trending topics? Have no fear: BBC Learning English is here! If it's going viral, BBC Learning English will be there, finding out what real people are saying about it!

በዚህ ክፍል ያሉ ክፍለ ጊዜያት

ክፍለጊዜያት 23 ነጥብ።

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    Activity 1

Activity 1

Everybody's talking about... #Gridgirls

No more #Gridgirls

Formula 1 have announced their decision to stop using female promotional models - known as 'grid girls' - at their races. Instead, 'grid kids' - children who are active in the junior sport - will accompany drivers in the buildup to races. BBC presenter Sian finds out what people are saying about this - and what actual words they're using to say it.

Sian asked 3 questions to the people she met:

  • No more grid girls in Formula 1 – what do you think about that?
  • Does it bother you that the women concerned are likely to lose their jobs?
  • Are you looking forward to seeing grid kids instead of grid girls?

ቨዲዮውን ተመልክተው ክንውኑን ይፈፅሙ

ፅሁፍ አሳይ ፅሁፍ ደብቅ

Hi guys! I'm Sian from BBC Learning English. Now, you know what topics are hot right now: you're on social media, you know what's trending - course you do! But do you know what language real people are using to talk about these topics? That's what I'm going to find out in this programme today. Now today's story is about Formula 1 motor racing and the decision the sport has made to stop using female promotional models before its races. Do you know – they're going to replace 'grid girls' with 'grid kids'? So, everyone's talking about it – but what are the actual words they are using? I'm going to ask three questions to find out. Here's the first one. So, no more grid girls in Formula 1 – what do you think about that?

Voxpop 1
I sort of think it's good in a way… just cos… don't really need them anyway, so… Basically.

Voxpop 2
I think that they shouldn't get rid of grid girls - I think they should just bring in grid guys as well…

So does it bother you that the women concerned are likely to lose their jobs?

Voxpop 3
Obviously, it's not their choice so it wouldn't make sense for them to lose their jobs, and so I think they should keep them.

Voxpop 4
I don't think it's fair, if they want their job – if you know they're fine with it, I think it's ok

Are you looking forward to seeing grid kids instead of grid girls?

Voxpop 5
Well, if kids want to do it, then go for it, like if they have an interest in it, then why not?

So everyone's talking about grid girls and now you can too! There's a recap coming up – but before I go, come and find us at BBC Learning English dot com, and join us on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter - and get talking! See you next time – bye!


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To do

Try this quiz to see whether you're ready to talk about today's trending topic.

Are you ready to talk?

4 Questions

Choose the correct words to complete the expressions from today's programme

እንኳን ደስ ያለዎ ሙከራውን አጠናቀዋል
Excellent! Great job! መጥፎ እድል ነጥብ አስመዝግበዋል :
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Useful phrases

  • I sort of think it's good, in a way
  • I think that they shouldn't get rid of grid girls
  • Obviously, it's not their choice
  • It wouldn't make sense for them to lose their jobs
  • I don't think it's fair
  • If they have an interest in it, then why not?

Start talking!

We asked you: what do you think about the end of grid girls in Formula 1? Does it bother you that the women concerned are going to lose their jobs? And do you think grid kids are a good idea? Here's what you told us:

Your comments

Thierry, France
I'm not a fan of Formula 1. The only one thing I was interested in were the grid girls. How pretty they were ! What a pity they won't be there next Formula 1 championship!

The world is getting very boring! If they like and want to do that, why worry about it?

Aranda, Spain
I guess the solution is not leaving unemployed women, just add boys too and change their sexy uniforms for another more formal (for examle, like cabin crew). I though about they will be susbtitued by kids even before I heard about it on news, so maybe it is less worse solution. That is my opinion, thanks a lot BBC LEARNING ENGLISH for your hard work.

This news is the kind of news that fulfill my heart of hope! Because it isn´t about sexism but also about the power of the minority. Why hire models with beauty pattern that it isn´t real and tangible for the majoroty of the population in the world? I think Formula 1 brand reflected about the objective of having grid grils in their events. Does it fit with their purpose? Is it transmitting the correct message of the brand ? We aren´t in the 60´s anymore, time changed and the brand has to change as well…And choosing kids instead, for me, makes much more sense, because it is related to future, to education, to carry on ... so likely what formula 1 is seeking for as next steps. And you? what dou you think about!? Tell me!

Rashad, Egypt
No more grid girls in Formula 1, I think it's a nice movement and a real motivation for those kids who are dreaming to be a racer one day,.

This is what I think about gridgirls. I think the organizer of F1 ends it because using gridgirls objectifies female and that is disrespect to them. But, if that is the reason, then why can using gridkids be justified?

I do not think there is any problem to use gridgirls. Gridgirls are used just because they are beautiful. I do think F1 may use good-looking guys as “gridboys” as well.

In comparison of the both grid girls and grid kids, obviously it is widely believed that whenever a child shown on in advertsisement mojority accept them without being judgemental, but in other hand when it appears to be women it involves a lot of negative questions which introduces unrelevant conversations avoiding its real purpose.

I’m not really into Formula 1, but the problem with ‘grid girls’ in F1 and other sports aimed at a male audience is the image of women that is spread in the world. Women are not objects, I think.

Thank you for emailing your comments to us. We enjoyed reading them. This task is now closed.


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