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Who needs rules? Drama part 2


Scene 4.
It's the following day. Clare is in the den with her friend Reena, who is very upset having been teased at school. However, Clare has taken Reena into the den without the agreement of the other two and when Sam appears he calls Clare aside and - insensitive to Reena's situation - challenges Clare for breaking the rules.

Clare is cross with Sam at his literal interpretation of the rules and his insensitive behaviour towards Reena and the two girls leave the den.

Danny tries to reason with Sam, but they end up arguing...and then fighting. In the scuffle the two boys tumble out of the shed doorway.

Scene 5.
The perspective changes to that of the two girls outside as Sam and Danny come tumbling through the doorway. Clare tells them to behave and shake hands. As calm returns they suddenly notice the damage...the shed door has been ripped off its hinges.

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