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Conflicting responsibilities - Drama part 2


The presenter sets the scene again. We're going to find out what decision Jim made. Whether he answered the emergency call...or went off-duty instead.

Scene 4.

Jim and Spike have taken part in another successful operation. But Jim doesn't feel like celebrating: he's missed Karen's judo competition and knows he will have to justify himself to Michelle and Karen.

Scene 5.

Jim's home, later the same day. Jim is being chastised by Michelle for breaking his promise to Karen. Michelle feels he has let Karen down and reveals for the first time that she's worried about Karen - about the friends she keeps and also school has asked them to come in for a chat.

Karen returns. At first she won't speak to her father. Then she reveals that she won the competition. Jim and Michelle are clearly proud of her achievement, but it's too late for Jim to make amends. Karen leaves to meet her friends - 'the people who care about me'.

Scene 6.

A few days later and Jim and Spike are on patrol again. Jim has been offered promotion but isn't sure if he'll take it - it would mean being based several hundred miles away. They're called to another disturbance and set off in response.

Scene 7.

Out of the car now they approach unnoticed two hooded figures who they believe are responsible for a break-in. Once they are close enough they try to apprehend the youths but one escapes. When they pull back the hood of the one they have caught they make a shocking discovery: it is Karen. Jim can hardly believe it's his own daughter and asks what she's doing. Karen, who clearly feels neglected by her father, responds by asking why he would care.

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  1. Conflicting responsibilities - Teacher's notes

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