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Conflicting responsibilities - Drama part 1


The presenter sets the scene. As the drama begins two police officers, Jim and his partner Spike, arrive in their police car at the scene of a break-in...

Scene 1.

Jim and Spike arrive at the crime scene - a shopping centre - and run in search of the criminal. A message from their colleague, Dawn, over the walkie-talkie informs them the criminal has been apprehended nearby.

As they return to their car Spike congratulates Jim that the successful outcome will support his prospects of promotion. Spike suggests they go for a pint later to celebrate; but Jim is reluctant (he's anticipating a difficult conversation at home with Michelle).

Scene 2.

Later the same day at Jim's home. Jim returns from work. He's not sure how Michelle will react to his news, but finally plucks up courage to let her know that he's put in for promotion. He says it will be good for the family: more money, perhaps less hours, more time with the family. But Michelle doesn't agree: she thinks that more than likely it will mean moving away from the area which would affect her relationship with her ageing parents and disrupt Karen's schooling (Karen is their daughter).

Karen comes in and Jim promises to make sure he comes to her judo competition the following day. But Michelle is upset and leaves angrily.

Supporting resources:

  1. Conflicting responsibilities - Teacher's notes

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