Episode 6: Punto nero

Jim returns to the stockade to discover it in the possession of Silver and the pirates. The crew turn on Silver but he is able to win them back by revealing he is now in possession of the map. The song - about the 'Black spot' - is in a Latin style.

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    Learn song 6

    Join David Grant to learn the sixth song of the series about the 'Black spot', called 'Punto nero'.

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  • Treasure Island - Part 8

    Story 8: The pirates parley and the black spot

    Jim returns to the stockade, now held by pirates. Silver now has the treasure map.

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    Sing along to the song

    Sing along with the lyrics and music of the full-vocal version of the song - about the 'Black spot' - called 'Punto nero'.

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    Sing to the backing track

    Polish your performance by singing along with the backing track of the song only (no vocals).

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