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The Tempest. 1: Rock the ship

The Tempest. 1: Rock the ship

This is a tale of wizards, magic, murder and monsters. It takes place long ago on an island with no name.

Prospero and his beautiful daughter, Miranda, live in an cave on the Island, but they weren't born there...

Twelve years ago they were cast out to sea in a boat full of holes. They were meant to die, but who would want to murder them..?

It so happens that the people responsible are on a ship sailing past the island on their way home to Italy. Prospero intends to teach them a lesson by way of punishment.

He calls on Ariel - his helper sprite - and conjures up a storm so tempestuous it will change all their lives forever.

The Tempest - supporting resources:

  1. The Tempest - text of Part 1 to print

The Tempest - text of Episode 1

NARRATOR: This is a tale of wizards, magic, murder and monsters. It takes place long ago on an island with no name in the middle of a great sea. If you were brave – or foolish – enough to sail close to the island you would think that nobody lived there. You would be wrong. For in the heart of the jungle at the top of a mountain is a cave. And in the cave an old man called Prospero and his beautiful young daughter, Miranda, have lived happily for 12 years. They weren't born here. Oh no.

Twelve years ago, to the day, they had been sent to sea – deliberately - in an old boat full of holes and with no sails. They were meant to die. Miranda was only three. Prospero cried as he held her in his arms.

Who would want to murder an old man and his little girl? Who could be so evil?

Well as it happens the very people responsible are ona ship sailing past the island with no name right now. They’ve been to a wedding in Africa and now they’re going home to Italy. They think.

It is night. In the cave, Miranda is asleep. But Prospero stands outside staring at that ship. He wears a cloak which shimmers and sparks with light. In one hand he holds a great leather-bound book. In the other he grips a wooden staff.

With a deep breath he raises the staff as if to draw upon the sky itself. Instantly, a jagged bolt of lightning courses through the air and cracks into the ocean. He sweeps the staff around his head – and boiling storm clouds explode from nowhere and blacken the stars. He whistles: and a living thing - a spinning, mischievous sprite cartwheels through the air and hovers in front of him.

PROSPERO: Ariel. Are you ready?

ARIEL: Master. Their ship is trapped in the web – there is no escape.

PROSPERO: Time for me to teach them a lesson. Time for you to do your stuff!

ARIEL: Yes! At last!! Sprites to the rigging!!! Come on sprites!!! Just what lesson are you teaching them, master?

PROSPERO: Never...ever...mess with wizards.

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