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Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. Episode 2.

Oliver Twist - Episode 2:

Oliver reaches Barnet on the outskirts of London where he is approached by another boy calling himself the Artful Dodger. The Dodger quickly establishes that Oliver needs a place to stay and recommends a 'respectable gentleman' that he knows in London.

Oliver is alarmed by the sight of Saffron Hill - the neighbourhood that he is taken to - close to present-day Clerkenwell. In a decaying old building he is introduced to Fagin and various other boys who live there.

Over the next few days Oliver stays with Fagin and the other boys. On one occasion he awakes to find Fagin admiring some jewels and other valuables in his possession. And on another he watches a 'game' played in which the Dodger and another boy called Charley Bates try to remove items from Fagin's pockets without him becoming aware.

Olver grows eager to go outside and does so in the company of Dodger and Charley. However, when Oliver sees them picking the pocket of an old gentleman while his back is turned he suddenly understands the significance of the earlier 'game'. All three boys make a run for it but Oliver is felled by a bystander and is dragged off to appear before the magistrate, Mr Fang.

Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens - supporting resources:

  1. Oliver Twist - Complete programme notes (1 MB pdf)
  2. Oliver Twist - Playscript for Episode 2 (pdf)
  3. Full-size image for Episode 2 from the 1st Edition

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Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens dramatised by Penny Leicester.

Taking part (in alphabetical order):

Mrs Bedwin: Rachel Atkins

Oliver: Jozef Batterberry

Fagin: Michael Cochrane

Nancy: Clare Corbett

Mr Bumble: Stephen Critchlow

Charley Bates: Lewis Jamieson

Sikes: Jonathan Keeble

Mr Brownlow: James Lailey

Rose: Poppy Miller

Noah Claypole: Chris Pavlo

The Artful Dodger: Bailey Pepper

Monks: Carl Prekopp

Mrs Mann: Jane Whittenshaw

Storyteller: Greg Wise

With other parts played by members of the cast.

Directed by: John Taylor

BBC production contacts: Laura Hyde / Andrew Barnes

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