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Sound story

Listening skills

This audio content features listening games on the topic Stories. It's intended as a fun way to encourage listening skills and as a stimulus for speaking activities. For more information refer to the complete Teacher's notes.


PRESENTER: Listen, what can you hear?

CHILDREN: I can hear a road. Cars!

PRESENTER: Jaz is going to the shops with her dad. They've stopped at the side of a busy road.

Listen. Can you say what they're waiting for...

CHILDREN: They're waiting for the crossing signal! The zebra crossing!

PRESENTER: It's safe to cross the road now. So over they go on their way to the shops.

On the way a car comes zooming past. Listen. Can you say what sort of car it is?

CHILDREN: A siren? A police car!

PRESENTER: Listen very carefully. What other things do Jaz and her dad hear on their way to the shops?

CHILDREN: A baby...a dog...some children playing...a school!

PRESENTER: Jaz and her dad walked past a crying baby...a dog...and some children playing at school.

Now they're at the shops.

Listen. Can you say what sort of shop Jaz and her dad are in?

CHILDREN: It's a big shop...a noisy shop...a supermarket.

PRESENTER: Jaz and her dad are at the supermarket. But dad can't remember what they need to buy.

Can you help them? Listen carefully to the sounds and try to say what they are...


PRESENTER: Listen again -

CHILDREN: Eggs! They're going to buy some eggs!

PRESENTER: Listen again -

CHILDREN: It's a can...a can of drink.

PRESENTER: Listen again -

CHILDREN: A toothbrush and some toothpaste.

PRESENTER: Jaz and her dad have collected all the things they need.

Can you say where they are now?

CHILDREN: They're at the till, the checkout.

PRESENTER: Jaz and her dad have finished their shopping. Now it's time to go home.

It's a sunny day so Jaz and her dad decide to walk home through the countryside.

On the way they pass some animals in a field.

Can you say what sort of animals they are?


PRESENTER: Jaz and her dad pass a herd of cows in a field. Listen.

They go past some other animals on their country walk.

Can you say what they are?

CHILDREN: Sheep! They pass some sheep.

PRESENTER: Listen again -

CHILDREN: A horse! They pass a horse.

PRESENTER: Listen again -

CHILDREN: Ducks! They pass some ducks!

PRESENTER: Listen again -

CHILDREN: Chickens! They pass some chickens! Cock-a-doodle-do!

PRESENTER: Jaz and her dad walk home past some sheep, a horse, some ducks and some chickens.

And when they're nearly home they meet an animal they've heard before...

CHILDREN: The dog! They meet the dog again!

PRESENTER: Jaz and her dad meet the dog again. She's been for a country walk too.

Sounds in the busy town...sounds in the supermarket...sounds in the countryside...sounds all around us...where ever we go.

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