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Sound games 3

Listening skills

This audio content features a range of listening games. It's intended as a fun way to encourage listening skills and as a stimulus for speaking activities. For more information refer to the complete Teacher's notes.


PRESENTER: Listen. Today we're visiting the zoo. Hold up a finger each time you hear a different animal.

At the zoo there's a monkey...

CHILDREN: A monkey!

PRESENTER: A tiger...

CHILDREN: A tiger! Raargh!

PRESENTER: A sea lion...

CHILDREN: A sea lion!

PRESENTER: A donkey...

CHILDREN: A donkey! Ee-oor!

PRESENTER: And an elephant...

CHILDREN: An elephant!

PRESENTER: And there are also lots of people at the zoo...

Can you tell what different ways the people travelled to the zoo?


CHILDREN: Bicycle! The people travelled by bicycle.

PRESENTER: By bicycle. And what other ways? Listen.

CHILDREN: Walking. The people walked.

PRESENTER: By walking. And what other ways? Listen.

CHILDREN: By car! The people travelled by car.

PRESENTER: By car. And the people also travelled to the zoo one other way.

Can you tell what it is? Listen.

CHILDREN: By train! The people travelled by train!

PRESENTER: The people travelled to the zoo by bicycle, by walking, by car and by train.

On the way home the children talk about what they liked at the zoo.

Listen very carefully...

CHILDREN: I like the tiger best. Raargh!

I like the sea lions best because they splash.

I like the donkey. Ee-oor!

The monkeys are best because they're funny.

The elephants are best because they're big.

PRESENTER: What animals do the children like best? How many can you remember?

CHILDREN: The tiger! The sea lions! The donkey! The monkeys! The elephants!

PRESENTER: Listen. What can you hear?

CHILDREN: Music! I can hear music.

PRESENTER: How many different instruments are playing the music? Hold up a finger each time a new instrument joins in.

The instruments playing the music are a drum...

A piano...

A guitar...

And a flute...

The music has fast parts and slower parts.

Listen again and wiggle all your fingers quickly in the fast parts and wave your hands gently in the slower parts.

Wiggle fingers quickly for fast; wave hands gently for slow. Ready?

Music with different instruments, music fast and slow, music loud and quiet. What a lot to listen to!

Listen. Where do you think we are?

Keep listening.

There's one more sound...keep listening!

CHILDREN: A swimming pool! We're at a swimming pool!

PRESENTER: We're at a swimming pool.

Can you imagine the fun, the splashing and the swimming?

Now we're somewhere else. Can you tell where we are? Listen?

Hmmmm...I wonder. Keep listening...

Keep listening!

CHILDREN: It's someone's home. A house. It's morning because the alarm went off and everybody had to get up.

PRESENTER: Everyplace has its special sounds. Sounds all around us wherever we go. And wherever you go...listen to the sounds.

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