Programmes to download

Programmes to download at any time

Here is a selection of programmes that we are able to offer for download at any time. The files are .zip files which contain the programmes in mp3 format. Download the zip file and then extract the mp3s. You can right click the 'Download' link and then 'Save target as' (PC) or 'Download Linked File' (Mac) to save the file.

Due to rights restrictions we are only able to offer a portion of School Radio programmes this way, though many others are also available to download as podcasts for 30 days after transmission. For more information see our FAQ page.

Download programmes

Playground games around the world (Time to Move - Spring 2013)

Three programmes inspired by a broad range of playground games

Spring in the garden (Time to Move - Spring 2013)

Three programmes celebrating the arrival of Spring in the garden

Here come the clowns! (Let's Move - Autumn 2012)

Circus skills and clowning around are the focus of this two-part unit

The Magic Carpet (Let's Move - Autumn 2012)

A magical journey to two constrasting locations!

Autumn is here again (Let's Move - Autumn 2012)

Exploring the arrival of Autumn through a variety of stimuli

Journey of the Magi (Let's Move - Autumn 2012)

A unit for's time to follow that star to Bethlehem!

Dinosaurs (Time to Move - Autumn 2012)

Mary Anning...a time-slip adventure...and an unusual sleep-over!

Victorian Christmas (Time to Move - Autumn 2012)

Exploring a traditional Christmas

Near and far (Stimulus Sounds)

Listening games for children aged 3 - 5 focusing on near and far sounds

Rhythm (Stimulus Sounds)

Listening games for children aged 3 - 5+ focusing on rhythm

Sound stories (Stimulus Sounds)

Listening games for children aged 3 - 5+ focusing on following a narrative

Sound games 3 (Stimulus Sounds)

A variety of listening games for children aged 3 - 5+

Sound games 4 (Stimulus Sounds)

Another collection of listening games for children aged 3 - 5+

The Rescue Party (Let's Move - Spring 2013)

Exploring a Percy the Parkeeper story through movement



Current podcasts

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Contact us

Contact us

Contact us

We are always pleased to receive your feedback, suggestions and pupils' work.

Perform our School Musicals

Perform our School Musicals

School Musicals

Our performance scripts for 9 to 11s, complete with music, songs and special effects to download.

Macbeth for mobile and tablet

Macbeth videos for mobile and tablet

Macbeth animations

Watch Macbeth animated in 8 short video episodes for mobile/tablet. See the Teacher Notes.

Curriculum for Excellence

100 years since World War 1

WW1 Performance Pack

WW1 Performance Pack

Commemorate 100 years since WW1 by staging our specially-written play 'Archie Dobson's War'.

Private Peaceful - listen now!

Click to listen to Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo

Private Peaceful

All 13 episodes of Michael Morpurgo's moving WW1 story are available to listen to online.

Teacher's notes

Teacher's Notes

Online Teacher's Notes

Notes to support the programmes including details of all the series content.