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BeebIt is a simple tool that makes it easier and quicker to find educational BBC content.

With BeebIt you are never more than a click away from safe, reliable content such as Bitesize games, Learning Zone Videos and Newsround stories.

BeebIt is currently available as a beta and we'd love you to try it out and let us know what you think of it. We're going to be making lots of improvements over the next few months before releasing it into the wild.

Installing BeebIt

The easiest way to start using BeebIt is to drag this BeebIt! button to your bookmarks toolbar. In Internet Explorer you need to right click, Add to Favourites, accept the warning and add it to the Favourites Bar.

Once you have added the BeebIt button to your favourites you can use it to find BBC content the is related to anything you are reading on the internet. For example, if you are reading a Wikipedia page about Vikings and want to find games and videos about similar topics just click your BeebIt bookmark and it'll show you what we have available.

If you use Mozilla Firefox for browsing the web then using BeebIt is even easier. Simply install the BeebIt Firefox toolbar and you can find learning resources wherever you go.


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