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The Great Choir Debate

Question 8 - Is the world of choral singing competitive?
Jonathan Ansell

Jonathan Ansell: "I think singing can be competitive yes... It's all about having fun and I don't think there's anything wrong in a competitive event involving choirs. To be honest, I feel it can be good for the group dynamics for everybody to really focus and aim for the winning post."

Stephen Bowman

Stephen Bowman: "Yes absolutely. Choir competitions aren't anything new; this programme just makes them a little more glamorous! It's a great way to push people."

Dominic Tighe

Dominic Tighe: "Yep – and that's fine as long as it's healthy competition and they don't start killing each other!"

Zoe Salmon

Zoe Salmon: "Yes... and why not? Maybe it should be an Olympic sport?!"

John Partridge

John Partridge: "I don't think there's anything wrong in having a competitive spirit. Good competitions, clean fighting... it's all good fun!"

Mike Brewer

Mike Brewer: "Ah... that's a difficult one. My whole work is based on collaboration and sharing, not competition. But as in all activities we are competitive beings and if handled well it can bring out the best in people. I don't like cut-throat competitions because it's not that important to come first - but what is wonderful is the adrenaline and the sharing. It can give choirs a focus, but my main focus in choral music is bringing people together."

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