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The Great Choir Debate

Question 3 - What should a choir wear, and should points be deducted if they look terrible?!
Jonathan Ansell

Jonathan Ansell: "Yes! There should be some kind of marked deduction for bad clothes or costume. I think, in this show, people judge the choirs early on, as soon as they walk out - and uniformed groups have come across neater from the off-set. There have been some random clothes – so they should definitely be docked a few points! They don't necessarily have to wear the same, but there has to be a theme."

Dominic Tighe

Dominic Tighe: "I'm not in for all this formal stuff - particularly if you're singing quite poppy songs. I guess what they're wearing should reflect what they're singing."

Zoe Salmon

Zoe Salmon: "I don't think it's that important... in the name of being entertained it's just an element of the overall package – but I don't think points should be deducted!"

Sharon D. Clarke

Sharon D. Clarke: "Yeah it does matter how they look – you know first impressions are what you see! But you can't just be a big gimmick with no substance – you have to sound great too!"

Mike Brewer

Mike Brewer: "Choirs should wear clothes that show them off well, suit the music and make them feel good. They need to show that they care how they look, feel and dress. It should communicate that they're involved in what they're doing and they've taken care to present themselves. But I won't say what kind of dress, that's entirely open!"

John Partridge

John Partridge: "I don't think it matters... I've seen some acts that were slightly more urban, who were rocking their own kind of fashion! I think it can show their identity - the identity of their choir. That's the great thing about choirs – people come from lots of different backgrounds and it's the choir that brings them together, as opposed to their uniform. They should just wear what they feel comfortable in."

Your Comments

Stepanie, London 2008-08-31

I think it does matter what a choir wears. A formal fashion shows a sense of organisation and it looks sphositicated. You wouldnt want to make a bad impression.

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Charlie, Leicester 2008-08-23

Just watching our National Youth Orchestra on tonight's Prom. They are dressed all in black and look and sound brilliant. A choir dressed this way looks coordinated in a way which does not detract from the singing. Incidentally having watched all programmes I believe the Amabile girls choir was the only one rejected primarily because of what they were wearing - most unfair. Their outfits were no better and no worse than any other choir, and their singing was delightful.

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Sarah, Lancaster 2008-08-20

Yes, it is obviously important how a choir looks, but there are different types of choir which require different styles of dress. To be honest, formal dress doesn't suit every choir, but it DOES suit some. I like the Amabile dresses and I thought they fitted with how the choir sounded. There is a difference between dowdy and formal. Amabile have got that difference right.

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??????Anonamous????????????????????, Blackpool 2008-08-16

"I think torqoise green or blue is a very summer look. I think a good clean marine colour is a wonderfully, fresh and natural colour is nice."

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James Davey, Chantage - BBC Radio 3 Choir of the Year 2008-08-10

I think choirs should be aware of what they are wearing to perform in, and why they're wearing it. Uniforms do help to define a group's identity, but can also be a distraction if badly chosen. Many choirs I've worked with will opt to wear formal dress (dinner suits and black frocks) and many professional choirs wear all black. I'm sure for some it's a chance to get dressed up in their best outfits, and the cost of fancy uniforms has to be considered too. I think if what a choir wears is comfortable to sing in, and doesn't distract from the musical perfomance, then it's a good start. I'm sure that many UK choirs will be taking note of what the winning choirs wear!

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hazel smith, grangemouth-scotland uk 2008-08-09

no not if the singing is better than the look of the choir as i've done les miserables in my school and everyone persent was over wilmed by the sonud and not the clothes!!!!

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Noel, Richmond 2008-07-20

When I listen to the choir, I want to be absorbed. I listened to the Amabile Choir...nice voices but I did not "feel" anything. When I saw them...goodness, I could not believe they were teenagers. There was no joy nor effort to "understand" the words...just hitting the notes. The costume definitely did not help lighten up the singers...too serious for not so right reasons.

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Jesse Parkinson, Lancashire 2008-07-16

I am best friend's with a member of Amabile Girls Choir - they are fantastic! I actually missed the performance on T.V but that's because I was seeing them live! They are a brilliant and talented group of young girls and deserved to go through...but that can't be helped. The judges - I've heard - were extremely rude to the choir - why?! Yes though, i do agree - the outfits are AWEFUL!! But it's about the actual singing NOT what they are wearing- you can always change them!

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Carol (Ex Cantamus Girls Choir Mum), Mansfield, Notts. 2008-07-15

I think Amabile Girls dresses are lovely! What is wrong with them? Did they want them in "poppy clothes" when they are, clearly, a classical choir who sometimes do popular songs. The colours of their dresses are lovely especially the dark green ones.

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Carol (Ex Cantamus Girls Choir Mum), Mansfield 2008-07-12

I, too, think that the judges were rude to the Amabile Girls Choir. They are just young girls singing in a choir - not fashion icons revealing too much flesh. The dresses are fine as a lot of choirs have to sing in churches for a good sound you know! I have seen these girls sing and they have won prestigious competitions before ie BBC Sainsbury's Choir. They are very well trained!

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