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Only Men Aloud! are the Last Choir Standing

30th August 2008

Only Men Aloud! are the Last Choir StandingThe result of the final show is that Only Men Aloud! are the Last Choir Standing, with Ysgol Glanaethwy as runners up.

The biggest choral battle ever kicked off with all three choirs performing the very apt, ‘I’m Still Standing’ by Elton John. Britain’s favourite choir would be crowned later in the evening and all three choirs had come so far, no-one wanted to go home.

Our three judges were very excited and Russell was “ready to rock”, Sharon was expecting “sensational performances” that “spoke to her soul”, and Suzi encouraged the viewers at home to “use their ears and not just their eyes” in making their all important voting decisions.

Up first were Only Men Aloud! singing the Welsh Rugby Union team’s anthem, ‘Cwm Rhondda’, and they were hoping for a “grand slam” performance. Suzi commented that they had an “extraordinary bunch of voices” and brought such “diversity to the programming”. Sharon felt that it was a very “stirring way to kick off the final”. And all Russell could say was use one of his gran’s phrases, “Crumbs, that was fantastic” and that they had “done Wales proud”.

Next up were Ysgol Glanaethwy singing ‘Try A Little Tenderness’. Sharon was blown away, “Ysgol Glanaethwy just got funky” – a big compliment considering Sharon’s criticisms in previous shows. Suzi finished off saying that they were “full of energy and fun”, “dazzling”.

Then came Revelation, “reborn, recharged and re-energised” and hoping to go all the way. They sang ‘Ain’t No Stopping Us Now’ by McFadden and Whitehead. Afterwards Russell admitted to being “in shock”, commenting that it could have been the “best performance of the series”. Sharon felt they were “cool, funky, confident and smooth” and that they were “pulling out all the stops”.

We then got to hear about the Olympic experience the three choirs had when they performed at the London 2012 party, in front of Buckingham Palace, singing ‘Shine’ by Take That. And back in the studio, and from one Take That song to another, all three finalists performed ‘Never Forget’.

Next, the choirs had to perform, what the judges considered to be, their “song of the series”.

Only Men Aloud performed ‘Don’t Rain On My Parade’, which Russell felt was “still magnificent”. Sharon felt it was “great showmanship” delivering “great harmonies”. Suzi thought their “attention to detail” was fantastic.

Then we saw Ysgol Glanaethwy sing their “song of the series”, ‘O Fortuna’. This time Suzi thought it was the “performance of the entire series”. Sharon was amazed, describing the choir as “technically and dynamically perfect”. Russell was on his feet giving a rare “Watson Stander!”, he was “amazed”.

And finally Revelation took to the stage and performed ‘Rule The World’. Sharon thought it was even “better second time round”, describing them as the “masters of emotion”. Suzi said it was like “sinking into a warm bath”. Russell found them “so engaging” and commented that the “whole world stops when you start to sing”.

Before we found out who would be going home, Russell took to the stage with the choir that was knocked out last week, ACM Gospel Choir. They sang a fantastic version of ‘Heaven Help Us All’ by Stevie Wonder.

Then the lines were then frozen, the votes were counted and independently verified. The two choirs who the public had voted through were Only Men Aloud! and Ysgol Glanaethwy, with Revelation being sent home. It was to be an all Welsh final.

Ysgol Glanaethwy were the first to sing and performed 'All That Jazz'. Only Men Aloud! followed this with 'All By Myself'. The tension was incredible as both choirs waited to here who the public had chosen. The judges were asked who they would choose. Both Sharon and Russell went for Only Men Aloud!, whereas Suzi picked Ysgol Glanaethwy.

But it wasn't the judges decision, and the choir voted the Last Choir Standing was Only Men Aloud!

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