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Second Live Knockout: Bath Male Choir are voted out of the competition

16th August 2008

Bath Male Choir The result of the second live knockout show is that Bath Male Choir is out of the competition after they went head-to-head with Revelation in a 'Clash of the Choirs'.

The final five choirs all performed live in the main show and it was up to viewers at home to vote for the choir they wanted to go through to next week's semi-final.

The remaining five choirs were singing in one of the biggest choral show-downs, with 149 singers taking to the stage with a place in the semi-finals at stake.

The main show kicked-off with a group performance of 'One Vision' followed by two songs from each of the choirs.

Bath Male Choir were first to sing with 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You'. All three judges noted there was an improvement on last week's performance and that there was a "great sound." Suzi was pleased to hear a "new depth of sound and subtleties", and Russell said they had "clear dedication" but Sharon still wanted "more passion."

ACM Gospel Choir sang 'Stand By Me' and it left Sharon reaching for the tissues once more! She thought it was a "beautiful, passionate and gorgeous" performance, while Suzi could "feel the electricity" in the studio, and Russell thought ACM stood for "absolute choral magic."

Revelation's first song was 'Higher Love'. Suzi thought that the performance was too "solo-focussed" and she would like to see some more complex harmonies. Sharon commented that it was a great, uplifting performance, but felt there was still "more to be pulled out of the bag", and Russell commented on David's improved 'falsetto' technique which he said was "outrageous."

Only Men Aloud! sang 'When You Say Nothing At All'. Sharon loved their "versatility", but said she wasn't really "feeling it this week." Russell felt they were so fantastic last week that it was difficult to top, but that it was still a "solid performance." Suzi felt that it was chorally their best performance yet, but that somehow they didn't quite "light the fire".

Ysgol Glanaethwy sang 'O Fortuna' from Carmina Burana, and it got a great reaction from all three judges. Russell said they were "absolutely UNforgettable" especially as it was a song associated with a mature choir. Sharon was "absolutely flabbergasted" and said it was their most passionate performance yet. Suzi thought they did a fantastic job with a classical piece and that they really "communicated the music."

Bath Male Choir's second song was 'Wonderful World'. Suzi felt it was flat, and that the bad arrangement meant tuning suffered. Sharon agreed with Suzi and Russell told them "don't let your wall of sound crumble."

ACM Gospel Choir were hoping to spread the love with their second song 'Put a Little Love in your Heart'. Sharon praised the way they use soloists but still keep a choral sound. Suzi said "I didn't want you to stop, that says it all!" And Russell said they were "oozing confidence".

Revelation sang 'Flying Without Wings' and Russell was impressed, commenting that "whenever you sing a song it's like I'm hearing it for the first time." Sharon and Suzi both agreed that it was a simple arrangement, but Sharon said it definitely moved her, and Suzi said it showed that "a slow song can light the room."

Only Men Aloud! sang a Bond Medley for their second song. The judges all felt it was an entertaining performance. Suzi commented "I'm never shaken, but I was stirred!" Russell told them "guys – you are back!" and Sharon said it was "great entertainment with high quality vocal singing."

Last to sing in the main show were Ysgol Glanaethwy and their second song was 'I Want You Back'. Sharon loved the contrast between their two songs but felt their performance could have been "more funky." Suzi disagreed and thought they were "amazing", while Russell praised their versatility.

It was then up to the viewers at home to vote for their favourite choir before the Results Show, where the two choirs with the least votes would sing in a 'Clash of the Choirs' and the judges would decide which choir will leave this week.

To start off the show there was a performance from Katherine Jenkins who sang 'You'll Never Walk Alone'. Then it was time to reveal which choirs were safe and which two would sing again to stay in the competition.

After an agonising wait it was announced that ACM Gospel Choir, Only Men Aloud! and Ysgol Glanaethwy were through to next week, leaving Revelation and Bath Male Choir to go head-to-head.

Bath Male Choir sang 'Something' and Revelation sang 'Love The One You're With'. Then the three judges had to decide who was going home.

Sharon was first to vote and chose to save Revelation because "they've done everything I've asked and they uplifted my soul." Suzi voted for the choir who she said "sang to their strengths and moved me... Revelation". So with two votes for Revelation, that meant Bath Male Choir were out of the competition.

Now just four choirs remain and will perform in the semi-final next week. Who will be next to leave? Tune in next week to BBC One at 18:30. If you missed this week's show, watch it now on BBC iPlayer.

Find out more about the choirs in our Choir Section. You can also get a full track listing of all the songs performed in the show.

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