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Nick's Blog - Grand Final

3rd September 2008

Nick Knowles

Nick gives us his take on the show with his weekly blog.


After the Grand Final show Nick tells us about his favourite songs from the series, why he's so proud of the show and what he's up to next:



"Hello everyone, wasn't that an incredible show to finish the series with?!

"I've had a brilliant time working on this show; I've made so many good friends and will take away so many memories, it's sad to think it's come to an end.

Favourite songs

"I think one of my favourite songs of the whole series was 'Cry Me A River' by Sense of Sound. The most emotional song had to be Revelation singing 'Rule the World' for the first time, and the most surprising was Ysgol Glanaethwy singing 'O Fortuna' which was absolutely jaw-dropping!

"The worst moment for me was telling ACM Gospel Choir and Revelation that they weren't through. That's the worst part of the job and I take it too personally, I hate that side of it.

"That's why I wouldn't want to be one of the judges. It's a tough job to do and I wouldn't have the expertise to do it. The judges all know their own field so well and they're all so positive in their criticisms. Sharon has won awards in the West End, Suzi's a world renowned choral director and Russell's sold 20 million albums world wide, so you can't argue with him!

Being mean to the judges!

"It was funny when I asked them who they would have voted for before the final result was announced. It was quite a horrible thing to do, but we got to know each other well enough so that I felt I could ask them. A truly horrible question but I had an enormous amount of fun asking it, and they were great the way they answered it.

"I'll take with me a real sense of joy and pride in the show, I really am exceptionally proud of it. It's been so entertaining without belittling people and I'm so pleased the audience have enjoyed it too.

"The choirs have been brilliant and I'll be following their progress with interest. I'm hoping to pop in and see all of them whenever I'm in their part of the country and I promised Only Men Aloud! I'd take them for a drink in my mate's bar in Cardiff!

Dream choir

"As for who I'd have in my dream choir... well I just think it would be all the final six choirs put together! I'd get them to sing at my wedding! But honestly I've enjoyed it so much, being at rehearsals and hearing everyone sing, it's been such a joy. In fact I wouldn't have exchanged this for the three Tenors!

"I'll be keeping busy after Last Choir Standing. I've got a wildlife gardens show coming up, and I'll be travelling around the world with the Natural History unit for a programme called 'To The Ends of the World'. Also there are eight more shows of 'Who Dares Wins'. And more DIY SOS of course!

"I just want to say a big thank you to everyone for watching the show, I've had a real blast - I hope you have too!


Nick x

P.S - "Don't forget to find out what Myleene thought of the Grand Final in her weekly blog!"

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