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Nick's Blog - Heat 2

29th July 2008

Nick Knowles

Nick gives us his take on the show with his weekly blog.


Here he tells us what the atmosphere was like during the second heat, why he's loving the show, and what song made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up.



"Hello there ladies and gents - what another cracking heat to mull over!

"Well five more choirs this week and only two still standing - what a close heat! It started gently in rehearsals and then during the competition the choirs suddenly upped their game and it became very tense.


"From the first note Revelation were gob-smackingly fantastic with such an amazing sound, and I was just thinking 'why hasn't the lead singer got a recording contract yet?' He reminds me of Smokey Robinson and he was brilliant. Their second song 'Rule the World' made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up!

"Another high point for me was Only Men Aloud! singing 'Kiss from a Rose', which is one of my favourite songs. It's a very emotional song, and it's a hell of a difficult song to sing, but if you get it right it's brilliant!

Real people

"I am genuinely loving this show it's got choirs from different cultures, regions and ages - and they're all desperate for each other to succeed... It's got a really lovely feel to it.

"I've got to know Brian from the Hereford Police Male Choir and he's a lovely man. He started the choir 51 years ago and he's still singing with them. What a lot they've done for the police - they should hire him full time to do PR for the force!

"But it's not really about individuals though. I mean, alright I've picked out Brian, but there are so many people that I've chatted to in all the choirs, and there are definitely NOT any prima donnas. It's a different vibe all together on this show. It's about teamwork, caring for each other and singing - for themselves, their families and the people they represent.


"The problem is that it makes it all that harder to say goodbye...

"I felt sorry for the Common Room Choir. They tried really hard and they upped their game for the performances, but they've only been together six months and they're a young choir. They did an amazing job to get through to the last 15 so they should feel really proud of themselves.

Last Chance Songs

"So then it was obviously a three choir fight to see who would get that last place.

"Hereford Police Male Choir have a wonderful warmth about them which just endears them to you no matter what they sing.

"I thought that Last Minute were up against it during rehearsals, but in the show 'bam' they sold it and suddenly it became a real tough fight.

"I think it came down to the last song and Only Men Aloud! who have got some great singers, pulled it out of the bag with 'Kiss from a Rose'.

Backstage with the judges

"We're having a great laugh backstage! All three judges love music and they love listening to people sing. They're all incredibly successful at what they do and they're not here to try and make a career out of being a judge.

"Sharon makes me laugh every day; she's so emotional. Her voice is poetry every time she speaks.

"Suzi's just beautiful and funny and gorgeous (unfortunately her husband is more intelligent, wealthier and probably better looking than me!!)

"And I love spending time with Russell, who is a really lovely bloke. It was intriguing to discover that he is known to the police in Hereford! Neither he nor the Hereford Police Male Choir would say how!

The final heat

"So next week we've got the five final choirs and that's going to be a really close heat too! It'll be really interesting to see what the people at home think, as next week is the last week that the judges have to make a decision. After that it's down to the general public to phone in!


Nick x

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