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Myleene's Blog - Knockout 1

13th August 2008

Myleene Klass

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After the first knockout show Myleene spills the beans about the live studio, the choir revival and Nick “The Iceman” Knowles.



Hi this is Myleene and what can I say? It’s been a week of drama and so many highs and lows, it’s been mad.

Tension mounts

What a show though! The atmosphere was the most tense I’ve ever felt. I thought it was going be full of camaraderie backstage with everyone joking and singing as usual but they were just getting their last rehearsals in and knuckling down. It was obvious they were feeling the pressure because they usually walk on set and say “Hi Myleene”, this time they were very focused.

With it being live, it certainly made me raise my game! I was so worried about falling down the stairs. So I held onto Nick for dear life and thought, if I’m going, you’re coming with me! Wearing 5” inch heels was a bit scary, I’m a trainers girl at heart.

Live Show was Smooth as Silk

I love live TV. It’s a real buzz knowing that what I’m saying is going out live, being watched by my Mum, my boyfriend, my friends, not to mention the millions of other people at home. I also love the fact that things can go wrong. But tonight went very smoothly for a live show. You know what they say, “bad rehearsal, good show” and there certainly were a few slip ups during the rehearsals.

Underground Choir Communities

So many people are turning into the show. Loads of my friends are asking if they can come to the recordings and they’re really supporting the choirs. It seems like there’s been a choir revival. Every time I walk down the street, people come up to me and confess to being in a choir as if it’s an underground movement.

Choirs are like mini communities. They show immense support for each other and it comes from a genuine place. They’re not doing this for the money, they’re doing it for each other and because they love their MDs. They’ve shown such commitment with the travel and the long hours (some mums bring their babies to rehearsals), the drumming up of home support, dropping off flyers to schools and chip shops - they’ve really put the groundwork in.

Nick “Iceman” Knowles

I noticed this week that Nick always seems to have a tie that matches my outfit even though he never knows what I’m wearing beforehand. I don’t know where he gets them all from!! He must have a Tardis for his ties.

But the really weird thing about Nick is that he’s covered in icepacks. The iceman cometh, and I always catch him at it. He straps them to his wrists, and his back. It’s the weirdest thing! He’s decided that he’s going to do the next show in his pants and vest because he’s just too hot in the studio.

See you on Saturday for the next live show.


Myleene x

P.S. - Don't forget to find out what Nick thought about the first live show in his weekly blog!

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