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We wanted to know just how good our judges are. So, we asked one of them, choral expert, Suzi Digby to put her money where her mouth is. Could she really turn a group of people who don't sing, into a working choir within a few hours?

"Anyone can sing. Given the right guidance, techniques and enthusiasm, you can get a group of people performing within a very short space of time!" said Suzi.

We asked MAGPAS – the emergency medical charity for Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire – if they would be our guinea pigs. Although some of the members of MAGPAS enjoyed singing, none were members of a regular choir, so they would provide the perfect test. Suzi had to draw on all of her 20 years of experience to get them singing as a choir and the results were very impressive.

Suzi has developed her very own key areas that need to be addressed if you are to succeed in singing. You can watch all of them by clicking on the videos above.

- Preparing the body for singing - here Suzi shows a few exercises for relaxation and energising, how to weight your body and how to listen.

- Breathing techniques - it's important to be aware of your diaphragm. Suzi helps you to locate it and use it effectively for singing.

- Warming up the voice - here Suzi works on the vowels and how to produce a good sound.

- Breaking down the song - it's easier to learn a song when it's broken down into bite-sized chunks. Suzi shows us how to do this in this section.

- Fine tuning the performance - Suzi works on blend, balance and tuning.

- Final polish - Suzi shows us how to communicate with an audience using feet, hands and eyes, and how to take a bow.

The hints, tips and coaching that Suzi delivers have been built up over years of experience, and judging on Suzi's performance, our TV choirs will need to really impress if they have any chance of becoming, The Last Choir Standing.

We'll be releasing more Get Singing with Suzi videos through the series, so get practising, and make sure you come back to see more soon.

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