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About the Voting

Brighton Gay Men's Chorus

How the voting works

You and your votes will ultimately decide who becomes the Last Choir Standing. Following three weeks of studio heats, six choirs remain in the competition. These choirs were selected by the Last Choir Standing judges, two choirs from each studio heat. These final six choirs are the line up for the first live studio show on Saturday 9 August. From 9 August one choir leaves the show each week, leaving three choirs to battle it out in the grand final on Saturday 30 August.

The Live Shows

For the live shows, each of the choirs will perform individual songs in the main show. Once all six choirs have performed their individual songs the presenter will announce the opening of voting lines. Lines will remain open for approximately one hour. It will clearly be stated within the programme what times the lines open and close. There will be plenty of time to vote for your favourite choir before lines are closed. Please remember that the lines can get busy, so be patient if you can't get through the first time. Once the lines close, all your votes will be counted and verified. Please do not call after the lines have closed as your vote won't count and you could be charged.

In the event of any problems with the telephone vote the BBC will use its contingency plans, which may involve the use of a back up independent jury. Once the votes have been counted and verified the two choirs with the LEAST amount of votes must sing again in our results show. The transmission time of this show will vary. The three judges will then decide which choir they will save. This decision will be a majority decision (either 2 votes out of 3 or a unanimous decision)

The Results show

The results show will either be pre recorded or transmitted live. Either way no elements of the results show which reflects the audience vote will begin recording until the lines have closed and the votes have been counted and verified.

The Final - Saturday 30th August 2008

One choir will be crowned 'Last Choir Standing', and that decision is entirely in the hands of the voting public. The judges will comment on the choirs performances but this week they will have no power to eliminate or save a choir. The phone lines for all three finalists will open near the beginning of the main show (6:00pm). The presenters will announce exactly when the lines open. The choirs will each perform 2 songs before the lines are frozen. The votes will be verified before the presenters announce which of the 3 finalists has the least number of votes. That choir will be awarded 3rd place and eliminated from the competition. It will no longer be possible to vote for that choir.

In the event of a tie for bottom place in the main show, we will reserve the right to revert to our stand-by jury selected from the studio audience.

The phone lines for the 2 choirs left in the competition will re-open just before the end of the main show – the presenter will say when the lines open and the public will be able to continue voting for them. The votes already cast will be carried forwarded, and new votes will be added to the total number of votes cast earlier in the evening.

In the results show (8:50pm) the 2 final choirs will each perform one last song before the phone lines close. The presenters will give the public due warning when the lines are about to close. Once all votes have been verified the presenters will announce which choir has received the most votes and become the 'Last Choir Standing'

In the event of a tie for first place in the results show, we will reserve the right to revert to our stand-by jury selected from the studio audience.

How you can vote

Voting is by telephone only. The numbers for each choir will be given out during the live show, each week . The numbers for the choirs will change on a week by week basis. Please do not store them on your phones if you wish to vote in further weeks. Please note any calls made before the lines open or after they close will not count and you may be charged.

Calls cost 15p per call from a BT landline and from other operators may vary, calls from mobiles will be considerably higher. See below for details:

Telephone charges

Premium Rate
Tariff O2 Orange T-Mobile Vodafone 3 Virgin
0901 15p from BT Land Line 50ppc 50ppc 75ppc 80ppc 70ppc 50ppc


This table is provided for indicative purposes only. Information provided by mobile network operators (08 August 2008). For up to date information it is always advisable to check direct with your network operator.

ppc = pence per call

Voters must obtain permission from the bill payer before voting. Make sure you carefully dial only the number of the choir(s) you wish to vote for. The BBC reserves the right to disqualify votes if it has reasonable grounds to suspect that fraudulent voting has occurred or if it considers there has been any deliberate attempt to manipulate the result. We reserve the right to cancel or suspend voting at any time.

The BBC, its sub-contractors, subsidiaries and/or agencies cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for any technical failure or malfunction or any other problem with any telephone network or line, system, server, provider or otherwise which may result in any vote being lost or not properly registered or recorded. Please note that you cannot vote by email, red button, text or via this website.

In the event of a technical failure, which means we cannot deliver the result during the shows, we reserve the right to revert to our stand-by jury.

The voting in this programme accords with the BBC's Code of Conduct for Competitions and Voting

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