Last Chance to See - Komodo Dragon

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Komodo Dragon - part five

From: 09/05/1997

Douglas reads his account of what happened when he went to the remote island of Komodo in search of dragons, equipped with only a zoologist (Mark Carwardine), a BBC producer and a goat. Part five: Douglas describes what happens when the goat is slaughtered and fed to the Komodo dragons. You may find some descriptions distressing. Originally broadcast on BBC Radio 4.

Exclusive: Radio

Douglas and Mark during the original Last Chance to See journey. Photo by Mark Carwardine

Twenty years on

Listen to the original series with Douglas Adams and Mark Carwardine.

Endangered Animals

Kakapo. Photo by Mark Carwardine


Mark Carwardine's take on the plight of the rarest animals in the world.

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