Mitsubishi, driven by ...

I asked the owner of the local bar what the word was for straw which he told me. The following day, showing off, I asked for a tinto verano with a pajero. He looked at me aghast and then fell about laughing. Instead of asking for a straw pajita, the word I had used was a rather crude term for (how can I put this) ... a tiresome idiot. I wonder who at Mitsubishi gave their rather large 4-wheel drive the name Pajero!

Editor's note: In Spanish-speaking countries, the Mitsubishi Pajero is known as Mitsubishi Montero. It was first named Pajero after the pampas cat (leopardus pajeros), but the name was soon dropped, because it indeed means something entirely different in many Spanish-speaking countries ...

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Renato 2009-11-29

In El Salvador, "pajero" means "liar" as well as what espitagorgorita mentioned.

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Sam 2009-08-21

In Chile the Mitsubishis are still called Pajeros (and it has the same connotation as in many Spanish-speaking countries). It's the off-road vehicle of choice of the Carabineros in the south of the country.

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Susana 2008-09-29

If you want to use the word pajero ..... you better check out where you are! Ji,ji,ji, you will be in BIG trouble ...

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espitagorgorita 2008-04-03

Well, pajero ... errr, hehehe. In Spain a pajero is a man who is continuously seducing himself. Clear enough?

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