Nostalgic longing

One of my favourite words in Portuguese is saudade which means 'miss' eg. in the phrase 'I miss you'. It describes a feeling of nostalgia, a longing for a person (or a thing) that is distant now, unreachable. Saudade really is untranslatable. But so cute!

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Paul, SĂŁo Paulo, Brazil 2011-09-27

Saudade is only pronounced "sa-oo-DAD" in Portugal. In Brazil it is more like "sow-DAH-djee",

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merve, turkey 2011-08-08

it is the same meaning with turkish word "hasret"...

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Fill, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2011-02-25

The Romanian word "dor" has much more to do with the feeling of longing/craving/yearning for someone or something than it has to do with the nostalgia and warm sensation of pain and emptiness that "saudade" comprehends. The catalan word "enyorança" is close, but not exactly the same. "Saudade" is something you can even feel for something or someone you've never seen or had.

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Miguel, Madrid, Spain 2009-09-09

Manel, I think "enyorança", which is the same as Spanish "añoranza", doesn't mean exactly the same as "saudade". The Portuguese word is a broader mix of feelings, and defines much of the Portuguese soul. I think it can't be translated exactly, because it's something inherent to the Portuguese.

By the way, it's pronounced like "sah-oo-DAD"... (more or less).

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Anonymous 2009-08-27

I do not speak Portuguese and I would love to know how to pronounce the word "saudade". Could someone please spell it phonetically for me so that I can say the word correctly? Thank you so much.

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Manel, Catalonia 2009-07-17

And in Catalan our 'enyorança' has the exact meaning as Portuguese 'saudade'.

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Andrei, Romania 2009-07-12

It is the same as the Romanian word "dor" which has exactly the same meaning.

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rodolfo 2009-06-19

Hmm, I would not say my feeling of saudade is one I necessarily like, but it is something you live with always and it is very much Portuguese...

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Mariana, Portugal 2009-06-06

The word Saudade has really no translation. It can mean missing home, family, friends, things, animals and even feelings. It can be used for everything! It is similar to nostalgia but is not really the same thing ...
You can ter, have, matar, kill, deixar, leave/let, and sentir, feel, saudades.
Of course there are words in other languages wich means almost the same, but just almost!

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Brunny 2009-03-29

It might be untranslatable into English, but I think it is the same as the Welsh word Hiraeth.

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