One syllable conversation (Tagalog)

In Tagalog, the main language in the Philippines, the following is an actual conversation: QUESTION: Bababa ba? Is it going down? (Can be used in the context of someone deciding to get on an elevator.) ANSWER: Bababa. It's going down. Now who says you can't have a normal conversation using one syllable?

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Anonymous 2011-07-19


lots of love
don cangrejo

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Isprokitik, Philippines 2011-06-14

Bob: Baba, bababa ba?
Baba: Bababa Bob.

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Armand 2011-03-27

"Baba" is the verb root "to go down", repeating the first syllable places the verb into the future tense - "bababa"

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harnolf, Dgte/Phils 2010-09-06

@ Jessa: Baba can mean "down" if you put the stress on the second Syllable. :)

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Jessa, Makati, Philippines 2009-10-06

Baba - in tagalog means "chin" while Bababa simply means "going down". It maybe confusing sometimes specially if you're not much into the syllabication. :-)

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Jonatas 2008-03-25

There is a well-known phrase in English: People chatting in a train station:

Are you two taking the two-two to Toulouse?

Yes, we two are taking the two-two to Toulouse, too!

It uses more than one sound, but they are very similar.

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