Chandrayaan (Hindi)

Chandra means moon, yaan means vehicle, so Chandrayaan means the lunar vehicle.

Sent by: Hampu


zhenil, mumbai/india 2011-07-04

chandrayaan is a satellite used for transmitting information

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Chivmengra, Bognor Regis 2011-06-03

I Suppose Hindi has taken the word "Yaan" from Sanskrit and may have another meaning.

Similar to the word "Wonga" in English being slang for money but it is from Romani and originally meant Coal.

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Kishori, India 2010-06-05

"YAAN" means 'Journey' IN Sanskrit...hence CHANDRAYAAN would actually mean "A JOURNEY TO MOON".

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Polyglotbaba 2010-01-25

Actually 'yaan' means 'vehicle' NOT 'journey'.

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Sanjeev, Bangalore 2009-09-25

"Chandra" means moon alright, but "Yaan" (derived from Yatra) is not a vehicle. It means "to travel". Mr. Mallik is correct. "Chandrayaan" implies "Journey to the moon".

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Sundeep, India 2009-08-25

Yes, Hampu is correct, Chandrayaan is made up of two words chandra yaan, moon vehicle, as simple as that. There is a word for astronaut in Hindi as well which is antariksh yatri which is space traveler.

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Bangari, london 2009-06-11

Chandra means shining object, chandrma means moon of earth or shining object whithin the atmosphere of earth.

Yaan means equipment or the equipment being used to reach the shining object or earth's moon.

Therefore chandrayan in a very simple way means equipment used to reach the moon (in specific).

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Mallik 2008-11-17

My understanding is chandra (moon) and yaan (travel). Making chandrayaan as travel to moon.

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