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I'm from Amsterdam. I was amused to see a jewellery shop in Berlin called Schmuck. It was only after I searched online that I found out it means 'jewellery' in German!

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R Prendergast 2009-10-20

One venerable Rolls-Royce model had to have a name change when it was sold in Germany. It was the Silver Mist.
But then a GM model sold here as the Vauxhall Nova, had a totally different name in Spain where it would have been read as 'No-go'.

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Becky 2008-07-09

About gift shops: I will never forget the words for present in either language because the word in one language always seems so malignant in the other! While Gift means poison in German, I always thought that Geschenk sounded a lot like the word "shank" in english which is, of course, a prison weapon!

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Gustaf 2007-08-08

One of the best shop signs I've seen was in Copenhagen, Boghandel , meaning bookshop.

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Rebekka 2006-06-13

The word Mitgift is still used in German and means 'dowry'.

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H 2006-05-16

I laughed out loud when I came across a Blumeneck in Dresden!

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Jeannie 2006-02-02

In the US, where a lot of Yiddish has entered the common vernacular, we run into these things all the time. You can imagine the horror some experience at learning Germans can hire a Putzfrau, cleaning woman. In Yiddish putz is an expression for a man's private part.

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Tom Megahy 2005-10-06

What about the English 'Gift shop' which Germans find hilarious - Gift being the German word for 'poison'.

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Jan 2005-07-10

I´m from Berlin. You can also use schmuck as an adverb or adjective meaning 'great', eg. Du siehst schmuck aus, you look great, or Du hast ein schmuckes Auto, you have a great car.

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Dan 2007-04-14

And ein Smoking means 'a tuxedo'.

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