Good enough to eat?

I really love the adorable names the French have for things. What we call candy floss, and the Americans cotton candy, is barbe Ă  papa in French - daddy's beard!

Sent by: J Beauchamp


Belu, Uruguay 2011-04-26

In Spanish it's "algodón de az&uacutecar", which translates to sugar cotton.

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Sally, Australia 2010-11-19

In Australia, it is called Fairy Floss. This may now be politically incorrect because they have just renamed the fairy penguins at Phillip Island - Little penquins. Perhaps it is now called Little Floss.

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Sety, Rep.Korea 2010-05-24

'barbe á  papa' in Korean: Som Sa Tang :)

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Dana, Bucharest/Romania 2010-05-23

In Romania we call it "vata pe bat" which in English means "cotton on a stick".

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maryam, tehran 2010-05-15

In farsi we call it pashmak pashm = beard lol

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JC, the Netherlands 2010-05-14

In Holland we call it suikerspin which would mean 'sugar spider'

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mon 2010-05-13

In Polish, we say wata cukrowa, sugar cotton :)

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Little Sweep, Netherlands 2010-05-12

In the Netherlands we call it 'suikerspin' which literally means sugarspider (but the thought behind is that the candy floss looks like it's made of spider's web).

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Frank, Netherlands 2010-05-10

Yes, now I know why it was called Barbapapa..! :D

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Renee, Amsterdam 2010-04-27

In Dutch it's a "suikerspin" which means "sugar spider".

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