Selling the house

Bristol, 10th of October

For saleI've lived here for nearly twelve years now and I love my house. Everybody says it's a nice house, even the estate agent - well I guess he would wouldn't he? I always knew this was going to be the tricky bit but since it's the only way of financing our move to Spain it always seemed worth it and over the last few months I've tried not to think about it too much.

But a couple of weeks ago, essential decorating done in best 'Housecall' style, it was time to get on with it. I hardly had time to think. The agent came round and took the details, the board went up the following day and within another 24 hours it was sold! If it's that desirable, why am I selling it? Was the price too low? Do I really want to do this?Of course I do. I find that the best way to deal with the emotional upheaval of leaving the house, this city and the country is to think about the alternative. We have spent six months dreaming about sitting on our terrace in almost year round sunshine with no work stress and with a whole new country and culture to explore. Giving up on the dream is not an option now.

Meanwhile, in Spain

We will soon be going back to Spain to complete the house purchase so I'm drawing up a checklist of all the things there are to worry about. The whole legal process feels like a leap of faith at times. Can it really be right that our Spanish lawyer acts for the vendors as well as for us? We'll be very glad when its all over and the house is ours at last.

That's life!

My favourite Spanish phrase of the week is ¡Así es la vida! which means 'that's life'! The phrase can be very useful when dealing with the ups and downs of changing places! More about my attempts to learn Spanish later.

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Mary Alice 2007-02-22

Remember the saying: "It is the trip not the destination", that should make you happy with the steps you have taken. Most people wait to live life and then it is too late. Good luck

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