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Bristol, 7th of November

May partner Fred and I are exchanging two houses in England for one in Spain and will reduce from twelve rooms to four, or maybe five by the time the kitchen is built. We have gradually been facing up to the challenge of getting rid of some of our stuff. The process is fairly painful for both of us but definitely worse for Fred who is a natural-born hoarder. I'm more likely to throw things out and regret it later. For example my wellies, unworn for years, have already been sent to the charity shop but now I've realised how much it can rain in Andalucía in the winter I'm beginning to think that it may have been a bad move!

booksBooks have been the biggest problem for me as I had around a thousand of them filling up every corner of the house. I decided to keep everything by my favourite authors plus all the classics that I read years ago on the assumption that I will re-read and re-discover them during the long lazy days in the sun. I was surprised to find that there is not much of a market for second hand books and ended up letting friends and neighbours have the first pick and then sending the rest to the local hospital library. It was very painful but I lived through it!

Our first car boot sale

boot saleAfter our first clearout we ventured into the amazing world of car boot sales. I never imagined that so many people spent their Sundays in this way. It was hard work sorting, cleaning and pricing everything but we had a fabulous time and managed to make some money too. Everything we didn't sell went to the charity shop the next day. We will probably have enough stuff to do another one soon but I'm not sure it would be quite so much fun on a cold winter's day.

Real Spanish

We're going to Spain for a week to hopefully finalise the purchase of our house. I can't wait to try out my language skills over there. By way of preparation I have bought a book of colloquialisms which guarantees to make me sound like a true Spaniard. Hopefully I won't need ponerme como una energúmena - to blow a fuse!

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