Making money

Andalucía, 3rd July

CompetaHaving done nothing but spend money up until now, we are now turning our attention to trying to make some to live on and have two possible projects in hand.Firstly we have decided to buy una casa pequeña, a small house, well, un piso, an appartment, really, in the centre of Competa which we are going to let. We didn't have much spare cash so it's very small but it will be cheap for people to rent - while they're on holidays or looking for a place to buy themselves.We only had to make three trips - probably the minimum necessary to find a house, pay la señal, the deposit, and sign el contrato, the contract, and then to complete la compra, the purchase. We wanted a location within easy reach of las agencias immobiliarias, estate agents, el banco, the bank, el abogado, the solicitor, el ayuntamiento, the town hall, and of course bars and restaurants. We think our little house will be just perfect for this. We also hope to rent to people on walking holidays because we are just on the edge of el Parque Natural Sierra de Tejeda, the nature reserve of Sierra de Tejeda.Time to stop work on our own house and do some more painting and general DIY to get the new one clean and comfortable.

Top of the pops?

Fred playingAs well as performing on stage my partner, Fred, has always loved to write music. Over the years he has written lots of songs, some of which were recorded in the sixties by people like Olivia Newton John. For years he hasn't had time to spend on this. He now hopes to be able to write and record songs with the aim of getting them published. To this end he is returning to Bristol later in the week to buy a keyboard and a digital home recording kit which will then be set up in the bedroom that now becomes a studio. Watch out for that number one hit!

Hotting up

dry landIn the last week we have had a taste of el calor, the heat, which is unusual for June. El viento, the wind, is shifting around hot air making it all but impossible to do anything durante el día, during the day, and difficult to sleep de noche, at night. El sol, the sun, is burning down without mercy. Yesterday it cooled down just a little so maybe we will have some relief before the worst of the summer heat hits us again. Fred has been gainfully occupied making mosquito screens for the windows so that we can sleep with the windows open.The heat and the lack of la lluvia, rain, have transformed the garden with just the hardy shrubs, trees and succulents surviving whilst everything in between is dry, brown and crunchy underfoot. The low growing vines and avocado trees that cover the hillsides keep the countryside looking fairly green so generally it's not looking too parched.

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