Guests from England

Andalucía, 29th of May

visitors on the terraceWe have just returned from the airport at the end of a two week visit from my mum Joyce and her husband Graham. This gave us the first excuse not to do much work and to start relaxing into the new lifestyle we have chosen for ourselves. The house is in reasonable order even though it's waiting for a coat of paint both inside and out so we felt we deserved a rest.We have lazed on the terrace and had our first dinner guests using our new table and chairs. This was a little fraught because as ever, los obreros, the workmen, tend to turn up when you least expect them. Having managed without any internal doors for several weeks, el carpintero, the carpenter, arrived on the day of the dinner party and he and others were still there working as our guests arrived. I was not at my most relaxed as we tried to sweep the terrace, cook a meal and keep an eye on the work all at the same time.

Learning to cook

SueSpeaking of cooking, after three months of snacks and eating out I had completely forgotten how to plan meals, shop and cook. It's a good job my mum was here to take over for a few days whilst I got back into my stride. Everything in a new kitchen feels really strange and simple tasks take twice as long as normal to do. I'm still waiting for los armarios, cupboards, to arrive before I can get properly organised.

What a place to live

mountain viewHaving guests has made us appreciate anew what a beautiful area we live in. Yesterday we drove and then walked in the mountains across the valley from our house and the views were just spectacular. We have bought large scale maps and are looking forward to exploring over the next few months.

Just when you think everything works

As we were getting ready to leave for the airport today we realised that the power was off and water was pouring from the roof. El nuevo depósito de agua, the new water tank, on the roof had sprung a leak causing the electric pump to blow a fuse. We put in an emergency plea for help and returned to find the leak fixed but the electricity still off to parts of the house. I knew I had to write this diary tonight and so we have had to move the computer into another room in search of a power point that works. Nothing can be allowed to stand in the way of a deadline!

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