Sue's Spain diary

Sue from Bristol has written a diary of her move to Spain, where she and her partner bought a country house. Sadly, after one year in Spain her partner Fred died.

June 2008

  • Sue and Tony

    Ready to move on?

    A lot has changed in Sue's life over the last two years. She now spents half of her time in England and there is even a new man in her life.

June 03 - May 04

  • Sue with guest

    Guests from England

    The internal doors are still missing, but the first guests from England are arriving. Sue has to entertain them and keep an eye on the work.
  • Sue

    Here to stay

    Another year on and Sue is still in Spain. She doesn't know about long-term plans, but for the moment she is content with her life.
  • Flamenco

    Flamenco nights

    Sue gets her first taste of flamenco, something she had been looking forward to since moving to Spain.
  • flat

    Making money

    Having done nothing but spend money up until now, Sue and Fred turn their attention to making some by buying and renting out a flat.
  • Sue in the garden

    Talking about the garden

    Sue needs some advice on how to maintain the garden and polishes up her Spanish gardening vocabulary.
  • Sue in the restaurant

    Summer celebrations

    Sue and Fred join in the main summer festivities in
  • Fred learning

    Continuous learning efforts

    With sorting out house and garden and entertaining mainly English visitors and fellow ex-pats, there is little progress in learning Spanish.
  • Sue

    Time to reflect

    After having lived in Spain for over a year, Sue writes her last diary entry and reflects on her move. Did her dream come true?
  • Sue

    End of the dream

    Sue is back after another year with a diary update. Sadly, it was an extremely difficult year for her.
  • Swimming pool

    Back again

    Back in Spain, Sue enjoys the new extension and pool and takes some time to think about what she wants to do and where she wants to live.

Feb 03 - May 03

  • box

    ¡Adiós Inglaterra!

    Sue writes her last diary entry in England, only hours before the computer is disconnected and boxed up for transport.
  • Sue

    ¡Hola España!

    It's freezing cold, the house is a mess and the lorry from England doesn't arrive for two days. Still Sue is welcoming the changes to her life.
  • Fred working

    Where is the cesspit?

    Sue and Fred need a kitchen, a bathroom, electricity, heating - everything really! They throw themselves into the work with great optimism.
  • Fred by the sea

    Talking about the weather

    It comes as a surprise to Sue that the sun doesn't always shine in Southern Spain. In fact it's rather cold.
  • digger

    The morning the earth moved

    The building work moves into the garden and Sue learns new vocabulary whenever she needs it for each new situation. This way it sticks in her mind.
  • flowers

    Garden of delights

    Sue watches
  • Holy Mother of God

    La Semana Santa

    Sue is deeply touched by the Good Friday procession where statues are carried through the town.
  • Sue

    Home again

    Sue visits England and realises that she considers Spain her home now. Meanwhile, the kitchen is almost finished and visitors start rolling in.

Sep 02 - Jan 03

  • house

    Ready for a new start

    Sue and Fred buy a country house in the South of Spain with no kitchen or electricity. Here they talk about getting ready to leave England.
  • house for sale

    Selling the house

    Sue's house is put on the market. She's having second thoughts, but it's too late for that! Read how she copes.
  • Sue learning Spanish

    Cracking the language

    With just a couple of months to go, find out how Sue prepares for conversations with local builders, electricians and plumbers.
  • Sue at boot sale

    Life laundry

    Sue and Fred are exchanging two houses in England for one home in Spain, going from twelve rooms to just four. Time for a boot sale!
  • Sue and Fred

    Signing the contract

    Sue and Fred sign the contract and get the keys. Here they spend a rather uncomfortable first night in their new house.
  • Sue and friend

    Finding neighbours

    Sue is amazed how many Brits are planing to do the same as her. Among them is an old friend from school who is going to be her neighbour in Spain.
  • los Reyes Magos

    Last Christmas in England

    Sue is feeling a bit sad celebrating her last Christmas at home but is looking forward to some new Spanish customs.
  • Fred playing guitar

    Career move

    Fred is a musician and sees the move to Spain as an opportunity to concentrate on his song writing. Is there space for a studio in the water tank?
  • Sue with cat

    Time to say goodbye

    With the date of the move approaching fast it's time to say goodbye to friends - and to Sue's cat Tiger who she's had for 15 years.

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