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Using it on a whiteboard

Look out for the size icon on the top right hand corner of the player screen, next to the volume control, which will allow you to expand the video and text to fit the pop-up window, making all the elements bigger.


Senora Wright, Saugus, MA United States 2010-03-23

Our computers do not have the appropriate bandwith to allow all students access to their own video. That said, we make "it work" by projecting the episodes on a smartboard/projector screen (make sure to increase the size on the screen). All students can then see the program simultaneously. Personally, I allow one student to guide our entire class through an episode (meaning they are on the computer making decisions). However, when students need to speak during an episode, we speak as a class. Likewise, when decisions need to be made, we decide as a class. While not ideal, it is still a great way to present the material. The students LOVE this program! Great job!

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