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Profe Bisbee, Maine 2011-10-12

My middle school students and I watch an episode a week. They love it! While the grammar and vocabulary is higher than their level, they enjoy the interaction and learn cultural aspects, especially when I can take out souvenirs from Madrid, like metro passes, and show them what is in the video.

After each episode we work together on a Google Document to fill in three sections: Cultural Differences, Storyline, and New Vocabulary. Because it is a Google Doc, all students have access and must put in equal work. I plan on grading the document for a class participation grade late winter when we finish the series. They will then use the Doc as notes for a final Mi Vida Loca project. A cultural essay, a dictionary... are some of my ideas for what this final project will entail.

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Gaston Fernandez, Auckland, New Zealand 2010-09-24

That sounds like a great idea, Dan. Would you mind sharing the packet of questions?

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Anonymous, MO, USA 2010-08-02

That sounds like a wonderful idea. Would you be willing to share your questions?

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Dan Palmer, Provo, Utah USA 2009-11-25

My students really enjoy watching Mi Vida Loca and request that we watch several episodes at a time, but I limit it to one per week until we have seen them all. In addition, I have divided the episodes into four groups of about 5 episodes each and have written a packet of questions (5 questions for each episode). I use these four packets as extra credit. During each of the four quarters of the school year, I will give a student who wants to improve his/her grade one of the packets to take home and complete. In order to answer the questions, the student will have to watch the appropriate episodes again. I believe they learn a lot by doing this on their own at their own pace.

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