Mi Vida Loca

ÂżAmiga o enemiga?

Otra coincidencia extraña. ¿Hay alguna conexión entre Esther y la llegada del hombre de Madrid a Rioseco?

Try it in Spanish, the phrases below may help you. You can also try your own - or do it in English.

Ha sido/No ha sido Esther...
... porque (no) ha ...
... espiado a Merche en Rioseco
... hablado con el hombre de Madrid en secreto
... manipulado a Merche
... tenido acceso a los documentos de Merche
... sido cĂłmplice del hombre de Madrid
... tenido preocupaciĂłn sincera por Merche
... defendido a Merche


Anonymous 2011-09-19

theres no way that guy could have known where Merche was if Esther hadn't been involved it had to be her

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Suhas Desai, Mumbai India 2011-08-29

It could not have been Esther because she would have told the people the "exact whereabouts". And how did they know Merche was in Rioseco? Well simple, Merche was being followed everywhere in Madrid remember? They would have seen she took the bus to Rioseco
hence they knew she was in Rioseco but not where exactly

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Anonymous 2011-08-27

I have been watching it for days!!!! Trying to finish it and this is how it ends!!!!!! Well its obvious Esther was the one who didn’t run that fast down the stairs when there was a scream so it must be her!

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Enrique, UK 2011-08-11

I agree only Esther knew of Merches' whereabouts. How did the man from Madrid find her in such a small out of the way place without inside information?

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Ralph, Montague City, MA, USA 2011-08-05

I think Esther is the most likely candidate of those named, since I don't see any other way the "bad guy" could have know Merche was at Esther's.

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Riddhi, London 2011-07-22

Esther was very quiet until later about the article that is kind of the clue something is fishy

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ingrid, norway 2011-07-11

Ester is guilty!!! How else could they have known where Merche was all the time??? And when Ester packed Merche's computer bag, she left everythying else on the table... probably to look for a tread to find out where she was to go next

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:), Escocia 2011-06-28

habló con el hombre de Madrid en secreto!!!!!!

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7i Spanish, Suisse 2011-06-24

Como sabía el hombre de Madrid que Merche estaba en Rioseco. Sospechoso??

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student of Senor Ward's class, United States 2011-06-10

The reason for Esther is because she always knew where Merche was. The man from Madrid was in Madrid at first because that's where Merche lives. When Merche went to Esther, the man from Madrid showed up a day later. Esther is also the one who took Merche to the bus station, which would probably allow Esther to know where Merche was going. Esther always knew where Merche was, that's the reason why I think she is a bad person.

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