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My American boyfriend was trying hard to learn some Portuguese. Once we were at a restaurant in Porto Alegre. After we had finished our meal and were ready to go, I suggested he should ask the waiter for the bill (a conta). I asked him if he felt comfortable to do that and he said it was pretty easy. Before I went to the restroom to powder my nose I called the waiter over. After about ten minutes I came back and what did I see? The waiter there at same place and my boyfriend desperately trying to explain something. The waiter made a very funny face and asked, "are you sure, sir?" My boyfriend said the waiter did not understand him. I asked him to repeat to me what he had said, so he repeated ... and I understood why the waiter was so confused. My boyfriend said to him: Canta, por favor! Canta, por favor! Sing, please! Sing, please!

Sent by: Daida


Alda, Portugal 2010-09-10

Thats sooo funny!!!!But it's good that he tried to speak, because you learn from your mistakes as well. I bet he wont forget how to ask for the bill anymore.

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