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When I was in Italy with a friend she introduced me to her Italian family. As each of them introduced themselves in Italian with 'My name is...', I answered back with my name Anke and got a surprised look every time!Later on I found out that the Italian word for 'also' is anche, which is pronounced exactly as my German name!

Sent by: Anke


Ellen Coxon 2008-07-02

At least they made no comment at your supposed mistake.

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Anche 2006-03-08

My Christian name is Anche. It was my Norwegian grandmother's name.

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Adriana, Brazil 2006-01-01

Many years ago, I spent my winter vacations in Europe. In Italy I met some Italian football fans on the train. One of them looked at me and said 'Carina'. After many 'Carinas' I said 'No, not Carina, my name is Adriana'. But he kept calling me 'Carina', so I said: 'OK, if you must, call me Carina!' Later I found out that carina means 'cute' in Italian. In Brazil it is a common name ...

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