Beaming pigs

While working with a new British colleague in Germany, he needed to order a headlamp for his car. I wrote the German word for 'headlamp' down for him: Scheinwerfer, literally "beam thrower". Unfortunately, he added a "w" in his phone call, and asked for a Schweinwerfer, a 'pig thrower'.

Sent by: Roger


mandani Bishop 2011-01-17

On my son's first visit to germany, while at the Hauptbahnhof in munich, he commented that so many trains were going to the same place , which was called "Richtung"! it took all i got to tell him that Richtung means direction! Toll!

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Doc Sausage, Waterlooville 2010-11-29

My mate and I spent a long time trying to find the area of Dortmund called Einbahnstrasse on a "You Are Here" map.
Next morning after copious amounts of black coffee we realised it means one way street.

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Elaine, SCOTLAND 2010-10-04

That is really funny!! Das ist sehr gut!!

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Inana, Croatia 2010-09-30

There so many situations where I said sth like this, so I decided to learn more and more German on this site! Your site is very nice, thank you for all this!! :-)

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