Singing in the shower

One of the most pleasant ways to practise your a new language is to sing your favorite songs while you're taking a shower. Then you can take a look at the lyrics to see if you've missed any word or passage. Have fun, but don't waste too much water!

Sent by: Maria Teresa


Arlo, China 2011-05-01

Although I'm just getting to know ABCs in Spanish,and it's a bit difficult for me, this is nice, really. hope I can get through spanish.

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Demet, Istanbul 2011-04-18

Thank you so much!That's what I exactly need...I am going to Spain in two days and felt that I had to practise my Spanish ( as I haven't been practising it since university.) Mi vida loca helped me remember Spanish. I am sure that I will continue as soon as I come back from Spain.

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Basak, Esmirna, Turkey 2011-04-04

I started learning Spanish with Mi Vida Loca of BBC. These are all great and so selpful. Thanks a lot.

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Corey, USA 2011-02-05

I am just floored by the positive humanistic aspects and utility of this site. Bravo to you BBC. BBC languages proves you don't have to be greedy capitalistic people to change the world positively. From my perspective, this site would never happen in my native USA. Therefore, I must say it again: Bravo.
Thank you for providing this resource.

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Dick Ni, China 2010-10-10

I love BBC since many years. But today I'd love to learn Wpanish with you.

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Carla, Philippines 2010-05-16

This is fun! :) I love how BBC shares such knowledge with anyone at all who wants to learn it.:) I took Spanish up in school but Mi Vida Loca and the songs, other info are very helpful as well. :) Super fun!! :) Well done. ^_^

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Duyan, Istanbul/Turkey 2010-04-06

I really like singing in spanish lyrics,I think I am close to Intermediate in Spanish:)

I can suggest you for listening Ángeles del Infierno

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Anonymous 2010-03-23

Which songs and which artists are the best to listen to? I am intermediate level.

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Meena, Orihuela. Spain 2010-03-20

It is a great help to my once a week lessons hier in Spain. The conjugation of the verbs does take my breath away. Alas may be in some 10 years time I am sure I will speak like my neighbours and friends. Mi vida Loca is excellent way to enjoy learning Spanish. Good score for my "sunset years." Keep up the good work BBC and thank you.

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Anonymous, TURKEY 2010-03-04

I want to learn Spanish but have very little time. This website is very useful and provides easy ways to learn Spanish. I have now been studying Spanish for 2 months and I slowly start to speak and understand Spanish, thanks BBC.

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