Reviving ancient languages

I have always been somewhat in awe of the Israelis, who dusted off biblical Hebrew and revived it into a living language, although to achieve this an overlay of slavic syntax was applied by the scholar Ben Yehuda.
I'm also acquainted with recent efforts in Taiwan to revive its numerous proto-Malay aboriginal tongues, which have up to now survived hundreds of years of marginalisation by China and Japan. Although efforts may be futile, there's still something very satisfying about being part of efforts to preserve a language still retained by only a few thousand people.

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Van Isa, Peru 2011-09-24

Very true, to speak a different language allows you to think in another way... and makes you notice a different sensitivity

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Chivmengra, Bognor Regis 2011-08-29

I agree,

I believe being able to speak a different language allows you to think in another way... The more languages the better :)

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