Great achievements

Alpes-Maritimes, 31st of July

Janie and AshleyOur first wedding anniversary was on the 5th May, our first anniversary of moving here was on the 27th June, and Ashley's birthday was on the 9th June. So we took time out to look at what we have accomplished over this short period of time.Over the last year we have lived together for the first time, sold our two houses, said au revoir, goodbye, to family and friends, and moved to a country knowing that we could not speak the language.

Janie's houseWe took on une propriété, a property, with 11 acres of land, which had largely been neglected over many years, as it was une maison secondaire, a second home. It was essentially une maison avec une chambre, a one-bedroom house, avec un grand grenier, with a large attic. We started work immediately on the house, creating quatre chambres à coucher, four bedrooms and trois salles de bains, three bathrooms.

The ground floor now has two very comfortable apartments, which we let for holidays. I am pleased to say they are now full pour la saison estivale, for the summer season, thanks to word of mouth and the local tourist board at St. Martin Vésubie.

Celebrate good times


So how did we celebrate all this? I granted one of my husband's wishes and sent him up 10,000 feet paragliding at La Colmiane. Ashley's mother Anne was staying with us, and was not at all happy to see her son as a small speck over the mountain tops, but I was better as we are finally insured! He had an exhilarating time, flying over the Mecantour National Park, and watching the chamois scatter thinking he was a large eagle, and landed safely, albeit a little wobbly.

Janie, Ashley, parrotsSaturday, we got up early and prepared to party. We had invited 45 adults and 15 children over, and Ashley had been working hard trying to clear the terrace around the house. The rest will now be worked on over the coming years.People started to arrive at 5.30pm. I had hired a wonderful magician Mark, and his performing parrots, and we were treated to a fantastic show with the parrots doing lots of tricks.

After the main show everyone crowded around to get their photos taken with the birds. Mark then walked around the tables doing close-up magic and impressing everyone. When we fell into bed in the early hours, we smiled at one another and said: Nous avons réussi ! We've made it!

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