Life is good

Vence, January 2008

EdwardIt is now just over five years since we moved to France. The twins Edward and Lydia are nearly four years old, and time has flown. We have never regretted our decision to come here, even though at times we have struggled. We now live full time in Vence, and have bought a mobile home in the mountains, so that we can visit often.

LydiaEdward and Lydia are attending the local maternelle, nursery school, and are bi-lingual. I understand most things that are said to me, but being beaten hands down by Ashley in conversation. Ashley now plays football with the Vence veterans club, and I have set up my own business looking after holiday properties for foreign owners. Life is good! Thank you to everyone for your comments.

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Graham Dobson, Kent England 2011-08-07

As with most English people I learnt French as a young boy. Almost 50 years later I have returned to my studies and am enjoying it greatly. Many words and phrases, verbs and curiosities about the French language come back to me, so I must have learnt more than I realised. Just being able to show courtesy on the ferry to France by speaking French to the crew is warmly welcomed and I enjoy that greatly. Anyone thinking about the BBC course should DO IT!

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Alison, Hereford, UK 2010-11-30

I lived in France in the late 80's, for 4 years. My eldest son, Simon was born in Charenton le Pont (94), very close to Paris (75). I left whilst pregnant with my daughter, due to my husband's work. I loved living in France and plan to go back when I've finished my degree.

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Christine, Toulouse 2010-08-30

I have been in France for 10 years. I love the way of life and the weather - accept it can be too hot sometimes. I struggle with the language - unfortunately not my strong point. I have enjoyed my experience and challenges here so look forward to many more.

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Jennifer Lau, N.Ireland 2010-02-24

I love France so so much, I lived in Strasbourg for a year in 1996

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Julie, Burgundy 2009-10-06

Hi Janie,
My husband and I moved to Burgundy from the UK just over three years ago and eventually found just the right house that ticked all the boxes. Like yours, it's an old farmhouse and although it was uninhabitable (and mostly still is...), it had lots of potential. We just love the peacefulness of village life and life in general in France. It'll be years before the house is fully renovated but we're having fun doing it.

Good luck to you and your family.

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Celine, Lille, France 2009-06-28

I'm glad you like France, and I understand how life in the moutains can be nice!
I'm a French student and I live near Lille. I'm in England for a few months as an au pair.

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jyoti, India 2009-05-17

I am also learning French and I also want to settle down abroad. I want to live a peaceful life with my family and I love nature. Your journal motivates me to fulfill my dream. Thanks.

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edwina, usa 2009-04-17

It has been many, many years since I have lived in France,
but just reading your journals has brought it all back to me...
I miss it terribly !
thank you so much for giving me a peek into your part of the world...
and into my memories.

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Sophia, China 2009-03-12

I was studying French and I came upon some interesting phrases. It's so interesting to find there are some English equivalent to phrase like quand les poules auront des dents and les cochons pourraient voler. I googled it on the internet and saw your article. I read your story about your life in Vence. Best wishes for you and your family.

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Janie Arnold, Vence, France 2009-03-07

It is now March 2009, and life gets easier and better.

Getting our pool finished this Spring, and finally settling down to the life we wished for all those years ago.

Reading these diary entries, makes us realise just how far we have travelled.

Thank you to all those who sent messages, a shame I could not reply, but read them all.

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