Watch the video: Loan Words

Henning Wehn

Henning helps the suffering British economy with a German loan word.


Max, Magdeburg/Germany 2010-11-25

Wir haben das Bier erfunden.

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Klaus, Berlin 2010-04-13

I did not know that so many German words are used in English. Very interesting!

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Moritura, Germany 2010-04-07

Nice idea to make little videoclips! Doesn't help much for learning the language, but attracts foreigners to the German language in a different way (unlike boring studies about grammar ^^ )

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Anonymous 2010-01-18

Yes, you are right.

It is "der Zeitgeist", literally: "spirit of the time".

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Andreas, Germany 2010-01-17

It's an English word taken from German, though. So it needs no capital letter.

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anon., UK 2009-12-14

I thought Zeitgeist was a noun and needed a capital letter in German, and probably a gender too?

A really good video, quite funny.

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