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Henning Wehn

Vorsprung durch Slapstick. Germans will always laugh at the old cake trick.


David, Mexico 2011-07-02

He's very creative and makes me laugh. I think it's hard to find anyone that can make you laugh nowadays. I learned quite a few things watching his videos. I hope to see new ones soon... Keep up the good work. Oh! one more thing.. I now know the german alphabet by heart thanks to his catchy "alphabet song"

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Anonymous, Philadelphia, USA 2011-05-26

This man must come to America and make us Yanks laugh too. I love how he spoofs both cultures and languages while retaining a deep affection for both. Dieser muss doch sofort nach Amerika.

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Anonymous, Stuttgart/Germany 2011-05-04

Its definitly not true that ALL Germans are blond and spend their time drinking beer in a "Gaststätte" like the man in the film...=)

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Anonymous 2011-03-09

This is very good and very entertaing. He uses alot of humour. As a Germanophile I really enjoyed the videos. It really shows the Germans in a good light and that contrary to British beliefs, they actually have a very good sense of humour!

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Anonymous, Tübingen, Germany 2011-01-21

Please don't think all Germans are like this bloke. I don't know why he's acting as if he were slightly limited...even for a comedian... The material is ok and it might even useful for German learners but German humour is a lot more complex than that (and funnier)...and we don't say wunderbar all the time!

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Rosie, Somerset UK 2010-08-05

Herr Wehn is very amusing, I really enjoy his videos, they make me laugh. I've been watching all of them to help a little in preparation for my visit to Germany. Although you can't learn everything from these videos, they are good insight into German humour, time and how to be polite.

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regina phalange 2010-06-08

I found this very helpful and humorous, I couldn't stop laughing thank you for all the help!!!...

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Eric, Colorado 2010-04-23

I found the videos enjoyable and helpful.

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Russell A W. Forrest., England Cononley. 2010-04-21

Yes wonderful, I really enjoyed all those video clips, his sense of humour is my sense of humour. Good luck to him.

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Trent, New York 2010-02-06

Honestly, I think that the German sense of humor is quite odd, but the same goes for you English. These videos are ok entertainment and make learning more fun but by no means should be used as the only medium to learning the German language.

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