Watch the video: The Alphabet

Henning Wehn

Stand-up comedian Henning Wehn takes over a German beginners' class to introduce the alphabet.


swarnam mohandass, india 2011-04-28

Wunderbar !!!

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Catia, Minnesota-United States 2011-04-05

My first time here and hahhaah this guy is so funny as well as an excellent teacher.Thanks BBC
xoxo from the United States. Please, I am studying German, the beautiful language.

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Christian, Adelaide 2011-03-23

I'm just wondering how much the class will end up learning - or whether they will mostly be having a good time.

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Olga Denisova, Ukraine 2011-03-22

I can say that video is very good and interesting.

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Terence Reutens, Georgetown/Malaysia 2011-03-12

"Sangat bagus" - Quite good as they say in Malay.

From the Malaysian chap with the Dutch surname, who teaches English.

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Rebecca, England 2011-02-05

He is a funny man.

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Luke, England 2010-12-04

Henning is a genius - can't explain why but all these videos had me laughing very hard. Keep him on your radio 4 panel shows:)

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Max, Magdeburg, Germany 2010-11-25

Sehr lustig, besonders das Kinderlied. In Deutschland wird es etwas anders gesungen, aber nicht schlecht.

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Michael, Hamburg 2010-11-23

Extremely cool site!

This below, copied from a German eBay-transaction, demonstrates quite well the "importance" of the "Umlaute":

"Der Wagen steht in D 29633 Munster, nicht in Münster, nein, in Munster!
Leute,macht euch die Mühe und guckt bei Google-Maps rein, zwischen den beiden Orten bzw. den beiden Pünktchen auf dem "u" sind real ca. 400 Km zu fahren. Also mal eben schnell aus dem Ruhrgebiet herfahren und 20 min später wieder zu Hause sein ist nicht!"

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Edna, Brasil 2010-09-07

Very good!!!!

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Henning Wehn

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